Annette Lambeth, Closing the Education Gap

Education is rightfully held up as one of the pillars of our society. In every society, we recognize the importance of having a solid education system to prepare our children and theirs for the future, and a chance to improve the country in the long run. However, despite its reverence as an important cornerstone in any society, the education system in America today has its faults. There seems to be a widening gap between hose who go on succeed in their professional lives, and those who struggle from an early age with education. As it is seen by many education specialists such as myself, Dr. Annette Lambeth, the education system as it is currently structured serves only the brightest pupils.

You can find out more about my career here on Annette Godfrey Lambeth official account on DeviantArt. I have focused my career on develop educational methods to help children who need it the most. Learning disabilities such as ADHD are increasingly common on the modern age, and as the current education system is run, causes these children to be at a major disadvantage. That is why professionals like myself  are committed to contributing towards the public discourse on how we can restructure and revise the education system to make sure it benefits children of all learning abilities.

When I was studying for my doctorate at University, I researched and published a paper named “Learning Style preferences for Secondary Students identified with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder”. My research aimed to explore in what ways teachers could approach teaching children with this specific learning difficulty. In it I concluded that there were many effective and natural ways to do so, that could all be incorporated into state school systems making them a place for every child to benefit.

Closing the gap between the top students and those with learning difficulties is a long challenge that will take much time to complete. Whilst it is recognized that not every child has the ability to be able to go on and pursue a career in academia, it doesn’t mean things can;t change. Instead of tailoring an education system where only academic students thrive, we need to revise one where students with all learning abilities can utilize their strengths and find their feet before taking on the real world. Find out more about my work and career here at Annette Lambeth – Striving To Make Education Inclusive For All.

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